How we use cookies

In order to improve our services, on the official website of Credo d.o.o. we use cookies. Some cookies we use are necessary for the proper functioning of certain services, and others are used to collect information about the use of the website (statistics), so that we can adapt it to your needs. Some cookies are temporary and disappear when you turn off the browser, others are permanent and remain on your computer for some time. We also use some local cookies related to local campaigns, which will disappear after their completion.

Some cookies are necessary for the functionality of the site, while others are used to improve performance and user experience.

Function cookies are used:

  • To remember your login information
  • For your safety while logged in
  • To ensure a consistent web site look

Efficiency cookies are used:

  • To improve the performance of the website
  • To improve user experience

Advertising cookies are used:

  • To enable sharing and „raking“
  • To enable the sending of information to other websites to adjust their ads accordingly

Examples of use:

Cookies are used to improve our services to you, for example:

  • By enabling some specific services that can not work without these cookies
  • By allowing a certain service to recognize your device as it would not be the same data you would give multiple times during a single search
  • By recognizing that you are already logged in to the website
  • By monitoring how many people are using services to make their use simpler, and in order to ensure sufficient capacity for their fast work
  • Analyzing data so that we can know how to use Internet services and how to improve them

If you choose not to use cookies during your visit, you must be aware that some features and pages may not work the way you expect.

If you want to delete cookies that are already in your computer, please refer to your browser's instructions by clicking on „Help" in the menu of your browser.

You can learn more about cookies and how to delete and manage them on or by clicking on „Help“ in the menu of your Internet browser.